Our goal is to inspire you to create wonderful meals that honour our Newfoundland traditions while giving your tastebuds something bold and brazen!




We want to help you enjoy your meals and celebrate everything Newfoundland has to offer your taste buds by:

  • Using local flavours

  • Being inspired by international cuisine

  • Being bold

  • Being brazen

  • Being Saucy and,

  • Telling Yer Mudder!

How The Saucy Newfoundland Company Started

Four strangers came together at a start up event in 2017, at the local college in Corner Brook, NL, Grenfell College.   They tweaked their passion for food ideas, and voila...The Saucy Newfoundland Company was born.

Today, the company has one of the original four as its owner, Julia Allingham and she gets things done with the help of her side kick Joan House.


A Little About the Crew


Julia Allingham (Genge) – Food Fanatic.  Julia has a M.ED, from Memorial University of Newfoundland and has an intense love for living healthy, which includes great food.  She is the proud mom of three wonderful individuals, Gabrielle, Willie and Lucas.  She is very proud to say that she comes from one of the smallest communities in Newfoundland, Deadman's Cove.  This place is small in numbers, but big on passion.  Lots of great people come from this little village. 

When not getting saucy, you can find her advocating for  some pretty special young people in her role as Itinerant for Student Support Services with The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District.  She loves to travel and her goal in life is to visit all seven continents. 


Joan House (Genge) -Navigator. Joan works at the Center for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI).  She keeps the students and teachers on line, in line.  She also has her hands full trying to keep Julia in line. She does a great job of it though.  

Joan is married to Kirby and they have two beautiful daughters, Kaitlyn and Lauren.  Joan is also from Deadman's Cove.  She and Julia are double cousins/double trouble.  Their mothers were sisters and their fathers were brothers.  

Joan loves to spend time at the cabin and Julia says she can scuff her down on the kitchen floor.