Our goal is to inspire you to create wonderful meals that honour our Newfoundland traditions while giving your tastebuds something bold and brazen!




We want do help you enjoy your meals and celebrate everything Newfoundland has to offer out taste buds by:

  • Using local flavours

  • Being inspired by international cuisine

  • Being bold

  • Being brazen

  • Being Saucy and,

  • Telling Yer Mudder!


The Saucy Newfoundland Co. got saucy for the first time at Startup Weekend Western Newfoundland 2017.  It was a great event and where the idea for the company started.  The 4 founders got together and realized that shared a love of great food, drink, and being saucy. Since Startup Weekend we have been perfecting our sauces, designing our packaging, and learning as much as we can about the sauce business. We want to give you the best quality sauces Newfoundland can produce. We love food and we think Newfoundland has an unfair bland food reputation.  Yes our forefathers loved to boil and salt food to “bejeezus” but that’s because they didn’t have our sassy sauce.  We are aiming to change this perception and help introduce Newfoundlanders to bold and brazen flavours.

Our Team


Crystal McCall – Chief Sassy Sauce Chef – Knows good food when she sees it. Crystal has an M.Sc from University of Guelph and has 7 years of agricultural experience.  Crystal comes from a long family history of cooking and her desire to cook has brought her to the Saucy Newfoundland Company.


Julia Allingham (Genge) – Food Fanatic.  Julia has a M.ed, from Memorial University of Newfoundland and has done intense study of the health benefits of natural ingredients that has taken her to the far corners of the world.


Brad Small – Gets the food to your kitchen. Brad has been a carpenter for the last 10 years, has a passion for fine food.


Mark Tierney – Sauce Spreader.  Mark has a MBA from the University of Leicester and is passionate about cooking.  Always whipping up new sauces for go on his moose, salmon, or salad. Fifteen years of business development experience and full of sass.